What Are the Top Uses For AR And VR In 2021?

What Are the Top Uses For AR And VR In 2021?

The development of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has indeed benefited laser scanning services. In fact, here are the top applications of AR and VR in 2021 that go beyond gaming and entertainment, and continue to grow with future development in VR and AR.

Top uses for AR and VR

• Applications for augmented reality (AR)

Movie promotions have already taken advantage of AR, as well as the tech behind furniture designs by IKEA, among others. This is also very significant to commercial and entertainment use, from marketing opportunities to information sharing.

  • Social media apps use AR to create fun filters on images
  • Pokemon GO also used AR to enable people to hunt Pokemon
  • App by WWF used AR to explore landscapes and wildlife
  • Football fans can now sit with the coach with Manchester United’s AR experience

Many other companies are beginning to explore opportunities that AR provides for customer experience and engagement, as well as sales and marketing.

• Applications for virtual reality (VR)

The recent trends in virtual reality show that it has gone beyond its entertainment and gaming roots. In fact, VR has now become so vital in different industries, such as business, education, entertainment, healthcare, and tourism. Moreover, VR technology enables businesses to improve their operations.

  • VR technology is used in the retail sector by applying it to training systems in some businesses
  • VR technology is also used for remote education; the use of VR for student learning during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Native advertising also uses VR to develop sensational experience with products
  • VR technology also provide a great experience for BIM services when viewing 3D models of buildings or sites in question

Top uses of AR and VR in 3D laser scanning

• Augmented reality (AR)

AR technology works by superimposing a computer-generated image in the perspective of the user about the real world. This provides a composite view of the image.

• Virtual reality (VR)

VR technology offers a computer-generated simulation of a 3D image or environment. A person can interact with this type of environment just as doing it physically. This is possible with the use of special electronic equipment, which include gloves fitted with sensors or a headset with a screen inside.

A lot of 3D laser scanning companies are looking forward to the widespread use of VR in the future. This may even be required by clients and professionals with interest in scan-to-BIM technology.

The integration of VR in 3D laser scanning will enable architects, designers, and engineers to manage and view objects in real-time. This will also increase the time management of the project and will create a better understanding when working on a project.

This allows you to inspect your project any time with application of VR technology. Furthermore, VR will provide better coordination and design visualisation, complete elimination of future errors, high level of detail, and better exhibition to present and demonstrate your projects to clients.

Top uses of AR and VR in 2021

The future for augmented reality and virtual reality is promising particularly in the following categories.

  • Videogames
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Live events
  • Video entertainment
  • Real estate
  • Retail
  • Military
  • Education

Since AR technology is becoming more widely available for consumers, AR is expected to move into the mainstream and cease to be a niche technology. The top trends include a number of products expected to get more attention for future development.

  • Smart Glasses
  • Avatars
  • 5G
  • Education
  • Theme Park rides
  • LiDAR

VR technology is also gaining momentum with some of the top technology trends showing continued growth in 2021. Such would include but not limited to the following exciting trends for AR and VR.

  • AR indoor navigation
  • AR remote assistance
  • AR, VR, and machine learning
  • VR training and education
  • VR 360 marketing


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Author: Sonia