What Are 3D BIM Models in 3D Laser Scanning?

How can an as built BIM model help you to plan for complex interior designs?

3D laser scanning is helping to change the way that people capture interior design data.  If you’re designing and developing on a space or site and need complete accuracy, Birmingham 3D laser scanning services will likely be able to support you.  3D laser scans can provide stunning, precise plans and results in formats useable across a variety of programs.

In many cases, an as built 3D BIM model will help to provide incredible insight into the detail of a given area.  But what exactly do BIM models provide?  Are they preferable to 2D plans and smaller insights into spatial preparation?  Let’s take a closer look.

What Exactly is BIM?

A BIM model is a 3D depiction of a space producing from 3D laser scanning services.  BIM stands for Business to Building Modelling, and as you may imagine, this allows the user to derive incredible detail about the sites and spaces they may be working with.

A 3D laser scanning Birmingham company will help architects and project managers to learn in-depth insights about the spaces they wish to develop. BIM outputs can vary, and while many users will opt for full 3D, simpler plans and mapping are available in the form of 2D models and exports. This means that you can access a BIM model either through dedicated software and suites, or you can choose to have a traditional plan printed out.

A BIM will capture measurements, detailed points, elevations and other components.  An as built 3D BIM model will also give users, and their clients and customers, additional confidence in the work that is about to take place.  For example, clients may be able to see how a finished project can come to life before work even gets underway.

What are the Benefits of Working With BIM Models?

BIM models are, of course, only one side to 3D laser scanning exports.  There are many different plans and files that you can derive from 3D laser scanning services and measured building surveys in Birmingham.  But what is it that sets BIM modelling apart from other choices?  Is it leading Autodesk tools and services?  Here’s a quick overview:

  • BIM helps to bring clients and team members together. It is quicker and more efficient for designers, architects and building teams to touch base on a precise 3D model which is simple to share and store via the Cloud.
  • Accuracy is key. While all 3D laser scanning Birmingham practices, and all good firms referring to themselves as a measured building survey company, should work to incredible accuracy and precision, few exports and deliverables are as accurate as BIMs.  There is minute space for error, which makes it immediately more preferable over human intervention and measurement.
  • Working with BIMs is likely to save you money. Consider that predicting structural issues takes time and effort.  That is going to be extra labour costs, extra time wasted from major projects, and potential revenue lost.  An effective and precise BIM will allow you to see every corner and every inch of your project area – it’s fantastic for planning ahead.

How BIMs Can Work in Practice

Finally, let’s consider a few ways in which a measured building survey service, through BIM technology, could work for you in practice. Consider that you will be able to manipulate and edit your models. You can work with a full skeleton or empty floor plan if you wish, but if you do wish to add in design elements and features along the way, you can easily change and edit these through BIMs and necessary software to manage them.

Birmingham 3D laser scanning services will help you to capture and deliver hyper-accurate 3D BIM spaces which you can explore without having to be on-site. Therefore, all you will ever need to do is run a quick scan and survey, and then access and modify the BIMs you derive. It’s a simple, stress-free way of keeping on top of your design plans.

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    Author: Sonia
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