3D Laser Scanning in Architecture and Construction: The Benefits

3D Laser Scanning in Architecture and Construction: The Benefits

To say that 3D laser scanning is reshaping architecture and construction would probably be a huge understatement. With measurements being the foundation of these industries, nothing has been more beneficial for architects and engineers than having a technology that allows them to take precise measurements of objects or environments, making it easier for them to create plans and implement processes for faster and more efficient projects.

Today, as more businesses discover the huge benefits of working with a 3D laser scanning Birmingham company, it’s very important to understand the concept behind 3D laser scanning and how it’s revolutionising architectural and construction projects:

The concept of 3D laser scanning

A lot of architectural and construction firms are embracing 3D laser scanning Birmingham practices into their system because of how beneficial this technology is to their business. But if you’re one of those still wondering exactly what 3D laser scanning is, the concept behind it is pretty simple.

Unlike traditional methods of measuring sites and objects where a lot of people and equipment are involved, 3D laser scanning relies on a 3D scanner that maps out a subject using laser light and two sensor cameras that record changes in both distance and shape in every part of that object or site marking it in coordinates named XYZ. These points allow for the exact measurement of the subject, which are then gathered and analysed in a point cloud.

3D laser scanning has been used in a wide ray of applications including manufacturing, pre-fabrication, rendering, animation, virtual design and prototyping. But no other industry has benefited more from 3D laser scanning service than architectural and construction firms that are in need of precise information that they don’t usually get using traditional surveys.

The benefits of 3D laser scanning in architecture and construction

These are just some of the many benefits to using 3D laser scanning to point cloud 3D scanning services on your next architectural and construction project:


  • Cost efficiency. In a time when structures are getting more expensive to build, nothing beats the benefit of cutting cost when you use 3D laser scanning than traditional methods. A 3D laser scan can be completed in just minutes and the results are accurate enough that there’s no need to re-visit the site to confirm the data collected. Accurate measurements also allow for a faster and smoother workflow within your project team, which in turn help you get a better bottom line for each project.


  • With a point cloud survey, no corner of a site is missed because a scanner will go through every inch of a subject and make accurate measurements of it. This gives your team the opportunity to plan and execute projects more efficiently and minimize, if not eliminate, risks, challenges and potential errors.


  • Each project should be a collaboration between architects, engineers, surveyors and workers. But sometimes, it’s hard to streamline your processes when you don’t have accurate data in hand. But when you use 3D laser scanning, you can easily come up with as built AutoCAD drawings (or plans) that can be shared with all teams to make sure that seamless coordination and improve relationships as you work on your project.


  • Manual labour reduction. Unlike traditional surveys, you don’t need to hire a lot of people just to take measurements of a site and come up with an efficient as built 3D BIM model. You get to reduce the costs of both manual labour and equipment rental while still ensuring a high level of accuracy in your data gathering efforts.It also helps reduce the many risks that come with visiting sites and using a lot of equipment, especially in areas that are hard to measure accurately.

There’s so much that a 3D laser scanning Birmingham company can do to help you do better at architectural and construction projects. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a lot just to get accurate data to be used in your projects because you can always find a good company to help you with the task without breaking your bank.

If you want to know how 3D laser scanning can help with your business, get in touch with us and we’ll offer you the support that you need in Birmingham.


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