What 3D Laser Scanning Services Are Available?

What 3D Laser Scanning Services Are Available?

If you are in the process of setting up a detailed building design plan, it’s crucial that you work to accurate measurements and data.  However, just how easy is this to access through human effort alone?  A measured building survey purely done by hand is hardly going to be as accurate or as reliable as data which you can derive through 3D laser scanning services.  That’s why so many designers, project managers and architects are moving closer and closer towards laser scans for building and room data capture.

But what if you’ve never looked into Birmingham 3D laser scanning services before?  What is there about this technology that makes it so appealing to businesses and project planners?  A full measured building survey service should, of course, focus on accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Are you saving any money, time and effort through measuring and planning by hand?  Maybe not.

Therefore, let us take you through some of the services for 3D laser scanning our 3D laser scanning Birmingham company offers to clients and customers right now.

Measured Building Survey Services

Full measured building survey services should take into account all aspects of your project, your space and your site.  A measured survey is one which, through 3D laser scanning services, will carefully map out all areas and aspects of your physical site, and to deliver results and data in a format which is easy to digest and amend at a later date.  We’re proud to offer concise and accurate designs and exports, meaning that our clients will always benefit from fantastic data they can use to plan ahead and offer their own clients confidence from.

As Built 2D Plans

There is still a room for 2D in planning and projection.  As built 2D AutoCAD drawings, for example, can be extremely useful in looking over detailed floor plans, elevations, features and assets which would otherwise be tricky to account for.  Our 3D laser scanning Birmingham company will be able to bring you 2D drawings which are accessible and editable through various pieces of leading software.  What’s more, we will deliver these files to you within only a short delay, meaning you can always be sure of a speedy turnaround.

3D BIM Models

Further as built BIM model services will take your 3D laser scan to the next level.  You scan in full 3D, so why not access your data at the same level?  BIMs are available in 2D and 3D, however, 3D scans and exports will allow you to take a deeper look at the space you are working with, and how everything will look and perform once the final product is put in place.  3D BIMs are easy to share, refine and manipulate, and what’s more, you can easily share these files through the Cloud, allowing clients and project teams to collaborate with you.

Scan to Point Cloud

Our 3D laser scanning to point cloud 3D laser scanning services will provide you with incredible data that you can amend and adjust as you wish.  Point cloud files take into account millions of little points and features which come together to build an accurate 3D model.  A 3D laser scan will do more than simply shoot a few laser points into an empty space.  They will map together and you can use point cloud files to accurately plan and build upon a space you have derived.

Why Use Our Measured Building Survey Company?

Red Laser Scanning is an experienced name in 3D laser scanning services. We work with hundreds of clients and project managers on complex spaces and sites of all sizes. If you are looking for Birmingham 3D laser scanning services and are not sure what to expect, there is no need for concern. Simply make sure to take a close look at our range of services, as well as tools from FARO and AutoDesk, and we’ll provide you with as much confidence and support as you require.

Are you looking for a 3D laser scanning Birmingham company at short notice? Want to make sure that your clients are confident in all that you do for them? It’s time to set up scans and files you can work with across your whole project.


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    Author: Sonia