How 3D Printing is Helping Construction

How 3D Printing is Helping Construction

Over the years, 3D printing has taken various industries by storm including the construction sector.
3D printing was originally developed for product design and template purposes only, but the 3D printing technology advanced as a key contributor in how sites and buildings are built.

The technology allowed construction professionals to come up with complex and interesting designs which are almost impossible to achieve. Today, construction companies and experts are now able to work on building projects at an unprecedented speed, accomplish volume production at reduced costs while maintaining quality and better efficiency.

The technology being used in the construction industry is expected to grow massively in the coming years with an estimated worth of £ 82.2 million in 2023.

The benefits of 3D printing in the construction industry did not go unnoticed. In fact, in 2015, the 3D printed bridge was unveiled in Europe. The use of 3D printing is now utilised to build durable and cheap structures while reducing material waste and construction costs. With the shortage of cheap materials and workforce, this technology is expected to become a common practice in the construction industry.
3D printing has transformed the construction and architecture industry in many ways:

Quicker Construction

The use of concrete 3D printers replaced traditional construction methods. 3D printers allow construction experts to complete a building project in a shorter period. What used to take weeks or months to complete can be done in as quick as 24 hours. With this, contractors can quickly move from one project to another which is equivalent to more money. The more projects and orders accomplished, the more profit is in for the contractor.

Cheaper Costs

The use of 3D printers alongside 3D laser scanning services from a reputable 3D laser scanning company like Birmingham Measured Survey costs less than traditional construction methods. This is why digitalisation in construction is such a huge demand, as it only benefits professionals in the long run with saving costs and time.

3D laser scanning services like we offer at Birmingham Measured Survey can provide highly accurate information in terms of the exact amount of materials to be used for the walls, floor, and other elements of whatever you want to build.

Orders in bulk that can lead to materials wastage are eliminated because your team exactly knows how much construction materials you need. You are not only saving money but also protecting the environment with reduced material wastes.

With quicker turnaround time and affordable materials, the increase in profit is always assured. Incorporating 3D printing in construction or building projects do not only reduce costs in terms of materials, wages, and equipment but also in work related injuries.

Improved Designs

3D printers are efficient in creating complex and atypical designs allowing construction companies to offer unique designs to their clients.
Being able to create an intricate, sophisticated, and unique architectural design is an excellent way to promote your brand to a wider market. This will open more doors to meet certain clients who want to better options other than the typical standard designs.

Having a 3D printer in combination with utilising the services of Birmingham Measured Survey will set you apart from your competitors at the same time the opportunity to penetrate markets that have been inaccessible before.

Reduced Injury

Tasks involved in the construction and infrastructure industry are difficult and risky. Workers are now presented with easier tasks that require lesser manual effort.

With workers having to fulfil their jobs at a shorter time, contractors can now save on compensation as well as the paper works involved.


Despite the advancement in technology, testing concrete materials during the early stages of construction is still critical. This is when 3D printers come in handy because the materials are made and assembled with the highest quality standards.

Knowing that the concrete materials are durable, you can guarantee that the building will last longer. This means fewer repairs, fewer costs, less effort, and saved time which can be used to focus on other parts of the organization to drive more profit.

Brand Awareness

Combing all the aforementioned benefits will lead your organization to greater heights. Using 3D printing in your next building projects will not only reduce costs but also reduce environmental hazards.

Apart from all the financial gains, your construction business will be viewed as a responsible organization which will open more opportunities for your organization.

3D printing has helped the construction industry and will continue to provide a brighter, sustainable, and greener future.

If you are looking to lunge and take the first step with 3D printing experimenting, it is worthwhile to use a professional measured building survey and 3D laser scanning company to obtain all required information accurately and precisely. Contact us today if you are looking to measure!

Author: Sonia
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