What are the significant advantages of Underground Surveys?

What are the significant advantages of Underground Surveys?

Underground surveys generate digital representation of objects and utilities beneath the ground for planning purposes before beginning excavation. It includes using the latest technology in laser scanning to determine the presence and absence of objects, underground surface layers and utilities. Technologies used in the underground survey include Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), the Stream EM Multi Frequency Array, and other laser scanners. It helps in mapping the position and depth of the objects and utilities before excavations. Why does it matter? Here are the significant advantages of using underground surveying services.

Advantages of Underground Survey

Underground survey has various benefits for your project, which include:

  • ¬†Underground survey facilitates a smoother design and planning process by providing the necessary information about the objects and utilities on the ground. Therefore, prior knowledge of what is beneath the ground from the design process ensures the designers incorporate everything at once without the need for design adjustments. It provides a more reliable and accurate representation of what is beneath the ground that planners use to approximate the related cost and time for the underground-related project phases. This is essential for many sectors, particularly in the mining industry.
  • Saving on cost and time ensures that the project does not experience overruns. Knowing the utilities and objects in the underground eliminates surprises that may occur in the course of the project, making it more expensive and time-consuming to resolve such issues.
  • ¬†Minimizes the health and safety risks of the project. Using the underground survey before the excavation starts, the builders can locate the utilities, which, if damaged, may cause harm to the workers and the public. The excavation thus takes place with the knowledge of the exact locations of the utilities with health and safety precautions in place to avoid any possible externality.
  • Excludes the need to have underground inspections, which are time-consuming and lead to additional project costs to facilitate the inspection process. Furthermore, the underground survey produces more accurate and reliable results than inspection.
  • Help comply with the PAS 128 standards, which is a requirement for construction projects in the UK. It provides the needed evidence of the absence or presence of the underground utilities at the project site.

What is likely to happen if underground survey is not done?

Without underground surveys, there is a serious risk of utility strikes, which can lead to health hazards to the builders and workers and result in fatalities. It also increases the risk of time and cost overruns when unseen complications occur.

Birmingham measured surveys for your underground utility surveys.

We use the latest technology to provide a highly detailed and accurate underground survey result to help you with your project design and planning. We produce the underground utility mapping and objects using 3D laser scanning and models to provide the necessary knowledge of what is beneath the ground before excavation.

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Author: Sonia
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