The Five Types of As-Built Drawings for Construction Projects

The Five Types of As-Built Drawings for Construction Projects

As a building owner, you are putting a lot of money on the line every time you remodel, refurbish or extend your building.
Since every construction project is unique and complex, it’s very important to get everything right the first time or risk losing money on delays and errors that could be prevented if you invest in the right strategies for your project.

When it comes to accuracy, as built 2D drawings have always been one of the most reliable pieces of information for architects, engineers, designers and contractors for many years. Our experts and professionals use Autodesk AutoCAD software to produce and deliver these drawings, as we use the latest technology and reliable equipment.

Stepping away from traditional blueprints and floor plans, these as built 2D plans offer a more accurate representation of a building’s structure including its geometry, dimensions and every single detail that is needed to note any changes made after the building was built.

Here are five of the most common as-built drawings that are requested for construction projects:

Floor plans

One of the most important purposes of a measured building survey is to create a rendering of a building’s floor plan through as built 2D AutoCAD drawings. A floor plan will serve as the backbone for all other 2D drawings that surveyors will generate through a 3D point cloud.

It shows all the details of both the interior and exterior walls, doors, windows and even stairs and columns. Architects and engineers use floor plans to determine the changes that they will need to execute for construction projects to ensure that no materials are wasted and the time is maximised well. For designers, floor plans allow you to help design furniture layout, wiring systems and indicate appliances, improving communication and analysing.

Roof plans

While floor plans are the most in-demand among all as built 2D plans, most architects would also require 3D laser scanning service to generate roof plans, especially for residential remodels and refurbishments.

This will show the details of the roof including its hips, pitch, ridges and valleys. Roof plans are very important in making sure that residential structures follow building standards and remodels are executed properly. Receiving roof plans from Birmingham Measured Survey will guarantee confident results with the latest technology. No matter the complexity and difficulty in access to roofs, we ensure providing the best service that is safe to your environment yet wholly accurate and precise.

Reflected ceiling plans

These days, many builders who request measured building survey service already want to include reflected ceiling plans, which are a growing necessity in both residential and commercial projects.

These as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings reflect a building’s ceiling structure including all of its attached elements like its exposed beams, soffits, coffers and trays. You can even go as detailed as including sprinklers, vents and other external elements attached to the ceiling as part of these as-built 2D plans. It helps build a greater understanding of various objects’ orientation and inform any installation objects required.


Architects and engineers usually like to look at two perspectives when assessing a structure before a remodel. Aside from the traditional floor plan that gives a perspective of the building from above, an elevation plan shows how a structure looks from the side. Birmingham Measured Survey provides internal and external elevations, with the required level of detail requested. Obtain every elevations of the building eg. Front, side and rear, stating the direction in which each elevation faces.

When you request for as built 2D plans that include elevations, you’ll get a rendering of the structure from the ground level up. When you combine this with the floor and roof plans, these as built 2D AutoCAD drawings will give architects and engineers an excellent view of what a structure looks from the outside or the inside.

Cross Sections

Cross-sections allow the view of the building as if it was cut vertically to present the internal space. The level of detail provided will showcase the wall and roof faming detail, structural floors and ceilings, windows and datum line. This type of 2D drawing will allow professionals, builders, designers and architects a thorough understanding of the interior and exterior construction details.

The takeaway

As-built drawings are definitely beneficial in helping architects, engineers and contractors get the job done fast and efficiently. The final as built 2D plans that are required after the completion of a project will reflect all the field changes, modifications, design changes and other works done on a structure.

These plans are also very useful for future construction projects because it shows what a building has gone through from the time it was built up to its present condition. Review all of our 2D drawing case studies today.

So, if you haven’t tried using as built 2D AutoCAD drawings, you should get in touch with the best 3D laser scanning Birmingham company.


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