Measured Survey to As-built drawings: Why is it necessary?

Measured Survey to As-built drawings: Why is it necessary?

For all your planned construction works, you need as-built drawings from a measured surveying company as the starting point. Why? Reducing the risk of inaccuracy is vital for successful construction and building projects, and obtaining as-built drawings using 3D laser scanning methods is the only way forward. So, why is it necessary? Let Birmingham Measured Survey explain.

What is a measured survey service?

A measured survey service entails taking measurements of a building or site, to produce accurate data that can be represented at a reduced scale. A measured building survey service will be your starting point for the planning applications process, as it capture detailed information of any existing structures or building in a digital format. Receive a clear display of the geometry, location and measurements of the completed work through our professional measured survey service, producing efficient as-built drawings.

The process of as-built drawings

Birmingham Measured Survey company prepares accurate and hyper-detailed as-built 2D drawings from an onsite measured building survey with the help of advanced 3D laser scanning technology, survey equipment and specialist software. Through specialised measured building surveys, a team of engineers and surveyors will produce accurate digital representation of structures and the existing buildings. Our specialists use on-site survey data to prepare accurate as-built 2D drawings with the help of an AutoCAD software.

Types of As-built Drawings:

  • Floor plans
  • Site plans
  • Internal and external elevations
  • Sections
  • Reflecting ceiling plans
  • Roof plans.

Why is it necessary for your building projects?

  • Maintenance: A building will usually be updated and modified occasionally over its lifetime. The drawings are updated by specialists to reflect the improvements done to the building or structure, ensuring that an accurate drawing of the same exists at all times.
  • Renovation projects: As-built drawings provide an extensive understanding of a building or structure. This helps enhance safety and efficiency before commencing works on a renovation project.
  • New construction: You require building plans for any new construction that initially only existed on paper. As-built drawings record any changes made during construction process, ensuring an accurate drawing is available upon completing a building construction.
  • Document every step of a design: A design will mostly undergo changes as a result of various factors, even after the final drawings have been prepared, and construction started. It is therefore necessary to document the as-built drawings.

How Birmingham Measured Survey can assist

Our measured survey service will produce as-built drawings showcasing a detailed record of the improvements made during the construction process. These will assist contractors to clearly see the next step. If there are issues or complications from the changes done, they can be identified and corrected before escalating. Birmingham Measured Survey delivers accurate and reliable data that can help identify any issues early enough. Receive your deliverables from our measured building surveys as requested, with the level of detail and format required, such as DWG or PDF.

Birmingham Measured Survey specialists have broad-based experience and tools that enable production of quality results, including site plans, roof plans, floor plans, cross-sections, internal and external elevations, and more.

Contact The Team!

Birmingham Measured Survey company provides all measured building survey services across Birmingham. Contact us for accurate as-built 2D drawings for your structures or building project.

Author: Sonia
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