Measured building survey and CAD plans of the site in Birmingham

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Location: Bennetts Hill, Birmingham

Deliverables in DWG + PDF 1:50

  • Floor plans
  • Basement
  • Lower Ground
  • Mezzanine

2D Basement floor plan

Project Requirements

Our laser scanning company completed a measured building survey for a 2-floor site in Birmingham on Bennetts Hill. The client required a prompt and swift service due to their limited time and schedule, including a quick turnaround of the production of measured survey drawings. Our surveyors were able to conduct a site survey within one day and deliver the complete set of as built drawings in five days.

2D plan Mezzanine

Tight working schedule

The internal elevation heights were required, as well as the documentation of all features of the floors including basement, Ground floor and mezzanine floor in between ground and basement. As the client required the set of drawings with urgency, our specialists were able to be flexible and surveyed the site during out-of-work hours. In addition, with our optimised process and expertise, we were able to deliver the drawings in the same week, with the required level of detail.

Ground floor plan

3D Laser Scanning for complete accuracy

For swift and accurate results, we rely on using 3D laser scanning technology to deliver precise data. Our specialists provide quick turnaround to all services, from measured surveys to as built drawings; you are able to receive deliverables in the same week, depending on the scale and complexity of the site. Our technicians use AutoCAD software to deliver:

  • Floor plans
  • Site plans
  • Roof plans
  • Internal and external elevations
  • Cross-sections

With millimetric accuracy and capturing 1,000,000 points per second, our 3D laser scanners scan data with the utmost accuracy and precision, making it the ideal tool to deliver highly detailed results.

Do you require swift as built 2D drawings?

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