Measured survey of warehouse for as-built 2D plans and 3D model

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Location: Stuarts House Garretts Green Trading Estate, Birmingham

Deliverables in DWG + PDF 1:50

  • 2D Drawings (Floor plans, All Elevations, Site plan, 4 Sections)
  • 3D Revit Model LOD3

Complete LOD3 Model

Birmingham Measured Survey completes an internal and external measured building survey of the 5000 ft2 warehouse located in Birmingham. The client required a complete set of as-built 2D drawings, including floor plans, elevations, site plans and cross-sections with a 3D model. .

The space includes a shed with a mezzanine level to the two-story office building. Our specialist surveyors scanned 2 days on-site and 8 days working on plans and the Revit model.

Front view Revit model

Using the latest 3D laser scanning technology, the results of deliverables never fall short. Our measured building survey service is efficient even in the largest and most complex of spaces, with a speed of capturing 1 million points per second. Our measured surveyors use 3D laser scanners, topographical equipment such as total stations, GPS or drone technology. For this large-scale commercial project, scans in greyscale were sufficient for the required level of detail and the use of GPS for OS. In addition, we were able to examine the context of surrounding buildings, such as the particular heights and proximity to the existing building, location of windows etc.

3D LOD3 Model

Our measured building survey company delivers detailed as-built 2D drawings and 3D models in CAD or Revit format. We use advanced software to produce efficient and accurate data, so no matter the scale and complexity of your project, the results are reliable and precise. As well as Revit models, we can deliver the following:

  • CAD model
  • BIM model
  • Sketch up model
  • Mesh model
  • Plant design model

2D Sections

Site plan

Floor plan

External elevation

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