Obtain successful and reliable Measured Building Survey Data

Obtain successful and reliable Measured Building Survey Data

Professionals only wish for successful measured building surveys. That said, here is your guide in order to complete a successful measured building survey and why a measured survey service from a leading 3D laser scanning company in Birmingham will help you to achieve this.

If you want to get the most accurate detail of the structure, you can take advantage of the data density provided by a 3D laser scanning. This enables even the most intricate architectural features you can see in many heritage buildings captured through a 3D laser scanning equipment.

What is 3D laser scanning?

The principle of 3D laser scanning is the application of advanced technology able to measure different sort of things with the analysis of the distance from the object to the scanner. Because 3D laser scanning technology is so versatile, you can program it to take various measurements based on what you require.

Surveyors can be well-equipped in providing different structures, including listed buildings, learning institutions, offices, and certain properties. This will enable them to cover the floor plans, roof plans, external elevations, internal elevations, reflective ceiling plans, and sections.

What is a measured building survey?

If you want to acquire accurate representation of a building, a measured building survey is essential. It showcases all the architectural features and the structural elements of a building.

The use of surveying equipment will enable professionals to record structural elements, such as beams, columns, and walls. Then, all other features like doors and windows are added with floor levels, heights, and text description to provide good representation and understanding of the building.

What equipment measured surveys use?

- Laser measure.

This method will calculate the height and width of the structure up to 200 metres, with an accuracy of 2 millimetres.

- Camera.

This method uses digital cameras with infrared vision and high-resolution capability to be used for measured building surveys. Oftentimes, they are built in with Wi-Fi connectivity.

- Tape measure.

This method is a bit outdated, but still used in many applications. Measured building surveys use tape measure to enable surveys to take small measurements as quickly as possible.

- Protective gear.

Surveyors cannot work without wearing protective gear, such as hand glove, helmet, and safety shoes.

What to expect from our measured building surveys?

If you need to get your building projects done with outstanding results, you need to hire construction professionals to help you out. Thus, you will get organised right from the start to finish.

We can provide complete measured building surveys even of the largest and most complex of spaces. Here are a few things to help you get started with measured building surveys.

  1. The items in your structure will be measured, such as door heights, room dimensions, and window openings, among others. The timeline for this depends on a number of factors, including size or complexity of the building and specification or the details required.
  2. After the measurement, the information will be drawn using a CAD program. The number of drawings and the subsequent details needed will determine the length of time for this task.
  3. The use of 3D laser scanner is an ideal way to accurately measure a building. Using other methods can be slow, cumbersome, or even less accurate.

We can assist you to quickly scan up and translate everything into details so you can easily work with into as-built 2D drawings and 3D BIM models. The modern surveying equipment will be able to record all structural elements, including walls, columns and beams.

You can check out the book published by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as a great guidance note about measured building surveys. The RICS also provides a table for professionals to review and comment.

What you will achieve from successful measured building surveys?

  • You can take advantage of complete access to your project to view, analyse, track and archive
  • Get realistic data to produce as-built 2D drawing with AutoCAD software
  • Use point cloud to also implement in Revit software for excellent 3D BIM models
  • Get versatility and accessibility to files with the specified format to your project
  • Acquire clear documentation and information for clients to better understand (3D BIM models)

You may contact us today to complete a successful measured building survey at your convenience. Our experience in providing measured survey services has enabled us to gain the trust of our clients as we produce a range of very satisfying results.

Author: Sonia
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