Control any construction mistakes with these 5 tips

Control Any Construction Mistakes with These 5 Tips

Construction mistakes can happen when you least expect it, and it can be costly and draining for your time. If you are concerned about construction blunders in the future, you need to have an action plan when mistakes ever occur to avoid such inconvenience.

Note that it is not always easy to fix problems particularly in the construction industry. Moreover, even small errors can lead to deteriorating other aspects of the project. In addition, it can also affect other parts of the project, including the electrical, finishing, and plumbing elements, that is why it is critical to explore these mistakes before works begin.

Common construction mistakes to avoid

• Failure to read the contract

Prior to the acceptance of any project, it is essential that you have completely understood what to expect based on the contract of the building project.

If you fail to read the contract details as part of the planning and management, then it can result to missed obligations and lead to critical mistakes.

• Failure to include safety training

The project can only start if safety has been addressed and enforced throughout the contract duration. The risk of injuries can happen if you fail to do so. Basic requirements such as wearing of safety glasses already have a great impact for the project.

• Erroneous ordering process

It is important for construction companies to have an organized ordering process to be able to avoid any problems or delays. That is why getting familiar on how to order the materials is quite important as they can arrive longer than expected.

• No communication plan

Consistent communication is also very important for the project. Thus, as a project manager, you need to schedule meetings about the status of the project, particularly information about the building information modelling and share any improvements to the contractors and subcontractors to give more time in addressing any potential issues.

• Failure to manage order changes

Sometimes processes can be modified from the original scope-of-work of customers and subcontractors. Managing them correctly is vital in this type of work.

Otherwise, it will be a waste of resources, especially if customers will not pay for the work not included in the contract.

• Hiring the wrong personnel

It is unavoidable to have employee turnover, but not when hiring the wrong people. You can avoid this from happening by vetting candidates thoroughly and selecting only those with a wide skillset who are trustworthy.

• Underestimating or overestimating costs

Success is within reach if you are keen about cost estimation. Failure to do so particularly on the labour costs can affect the profitability of the project as a whole.

That is why hiring a measured building survey is important to help provide accurate estimates overall and be able to control costs and keep on track.

Taking control of construction mistakes

Fortunately, you can handle construction mistakes even before you accept a project. Here are 5 tips that you can mimic to take control of any situation.

1.Taking ownership

As part of the project management team, it is important that you take into account the possibility of failure. When the inevitable happens, you should be responsible for the performance of your team. Therefore, you have to be professional enough to admit it so that your team can move on and find a speedy resolution.

2.Document mistakes thoroughly

When mistakes happen, you should be quick in figuring out the cause, which is as critical as fixing it. In this case, you need to document the details of the issue, including the materials and the workers involved.

3.Communicate with the team

If there are any mistakes within the project, the team must be alerted to get to know the impact it can have on other aspects of the construction.

Thus, you have to communicate with the stakeholders and subcontractors of the project so that everybody is fully aware of the error and they can move on with their tasks with minimal interruptions.

4.Create a proper repair schedule

It is normal not to address construction mistakes right away. Thus, you need to coordinate with the manpower to resolve the issue at hand. Creating an appropriate repair schedule to address the issue can be done by meeting with project teams for the coordination of repair efforts.

5.Project risk assessment

The issue might not end after the repairs are implemented. You also need to evaluate the steps used to avoid future blunders. The assessment of project risks will help ensure necessary steps were taken to fix the issue in the best possible way.

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