3D Laser Scanning and Drone Surveying: Why Is It In Demand?

3D Laser Scanning and Drone Surveying: Why Is It In Demand?

When it comes to capturing footage and photography from the air, drone technology – is leading the way for accuracy, accessibility and flexibility across the board. But why is it growing in such popularity – and why might it have revolutionised the way we survey and capture aerial data for good? Drone surveying has become a stable method in 3D laser scanning when scanning sites or restricted areas. So, why is this service beneficial for your project?

Flexibility and Accuracy

Above all, the clear benefits to 3D laser scanning – and drone surveying – lie in the exceptional accuracy, point for point, that you can expect from a wide sweep of any given area.

Drone surveying services allows the capture of hyper-detailed, time-accurate data from up on high. Measured building surveys can only do so much when surveying an area that may be restricted or complicated. With 3D aerial mapping through drone deployment, you can be sure of a real-time depiction of a geo-referenced area using leading measured building survey standards.

3D aerial images captured via drone and using the downloaded data from the flight, mapping software is used to create required outputs fitting the specified brief. Allow the creation of highly accessible 3D point cloud and orthomosaics – which are geometrically corrected and geo-referenced to ensure complete accuracy and confidence in data obtained.

Limited Access? No Problem

Areas of land or building work with limited access immediately benefit from drone capture and surveying. For example, aerial photography and reliable data capture from height can ensure that plots previously unseen by the naked eye are accounted for.

3D laser scanning and drone surveying can work together to ensure that difficult areas to manage – such as roofing and inaccessible zones – are captured and can be planned for with greater confidence and flexibility. It can even go beyond mapping, as this technology targets different uses such as mining.

Roof inspections are made simpler with aerial oversight and drone technology. Combining hyper-accurate, comprehensive photo and video allows users to gain incredible insight into operations at height. There’s no longer the need to scale roofing, and therefore lower risk on a health and safety basis!

With these accurate results through drone surveying, you can ensure a quick turnaround on deliverables as you save time on revisiting the site or prolonging due to constrained areas. Find the same accuracy in 3D laser scanners, total station, and GPS when we produce your as-built 2D drawings or 3D BIM models with the data captured through drone technology. By using Birmingham Measured Survey, we guarantee complete insurance to the safety of your project and are CAA certified with expert knowledge in flying drones.

Why Choose Drone Surveying?

Drone surveying and 3D laser scanning are helping to change the way we plan for large-scale projects at limited access, roof inspections and more. We’ve never before had so much free access to such impeccable accuracy at height – removing the need for guesswork and estimation that would previously have driven up costs and labour demands. What’s even more amazing is the speed and capacity of this service. Up to 30k properties can be scanned through the conducting of a survey with UAV technology.

Want to take advantage of drone surveying and 3D laser scanning for your projects? Get in touch with Birmingham Measured Survey today for more details – let us be the only 3D laser scanning company you’ll ever need.

Author: Sonia
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