Point Cloud Surveys – Everything You Need to Know

Point Cloud Surveys – Everything You Need to Know

If you’re an architect or a building planner or designer, it’s likely you might have come across point cloud before. While many people still measure and draw up plans through traditional means, 3D laser scanning is helping to change the way that we develop accurate drawings of the spaces we wish to work with. If you are looking for Birmingham 3D laser scanning services, one of the crucial stages of the process will be the full point cloud survey.

But what exactly is point cloud? Is it always essential to scanning 3D objects and spaces? How might this side of 3D laser scanning in Birmingham help you with planning for weeks and months to come? Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect from point cloud, and why it is so beneficial to designers and architects all over the UK.

What is Point Cloud?

Point could surveys take place through 3D laser scanning.  When you hire a 3D laser scanning Birmingham company, you will have immediate access to point cloud data.  This data emanates from all scanning devices, which can then be useful in developing 2D and 3D images.

Point cloud data is extremely useful in helping to build 3D BIM models, for example.  The accuracy offered through point cloud capture will ensure that you can offer clients fly throughs of their projects as if they were complete.  Wouldn’t it be beneficial for your buyers and customers to see what they can expect from the finished project before you even get started?

This is just one of the many reasons why point cloud capture through 3D laser scans is so popular.  In fact, we work almost exclusively with the data for many reasons.

The Benefits of Point Cloud in Surveying

There are many benefits to point cloud data in 3D laser surveying.  As mentioned, point cloud data is unbeatable in terms of accuracy.  That’s because it offers millions of tiny points to help map out large and complex areas.  The more points you have, the more data is available to transfer.  That’s why we only ever work with the best tools and services to capture points for our customers.

Point cloud survey technology is also very quick and simple to use.  Instead of having to physically measure large or complicated spaces, you can be sure that a FARO 3D laser scanner will sweep your whole area and capture data that you can rely on.  When you measure an area physically, you risk there being human errors.  Even if you have the best eye for detail, mistakes can sometimes happen!  Therefore, instead of relying on human measuring and control, it makes sense to bring technology into the picture.

Point cloud data is very easy to work with.  We will help you export 3D laser scans for use in a variety of different environments, such as AutoDesk Revit.  With point cloud information, we can help to provide as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings and plans, as well as 3D BIM models for fly throughs.  Both options will not only help you to gain extra confidence in your own work but will also help to give confidence back to your client.

How Can Point Cloud Help Me in the Long Run?

Point cloud and Birmingham 3D laser scanning services will help to free you from all kinds of shackles and binds. Consider, first of all, how long it normally takes to measure a site or project area on your own. It is probably going to take you more than mere hours to get everything down in writing.

A measured building survey through 3D laser scans will enable you to spend more time actively working on your project. That’s less time for you to worry about getting the measurements right, too. In just a few minutes, a laser scan can offer you incredible detail which is accurate within 1mm. You can’t hope for this kind of accuracy through human measuring alone, regardless of talent!

Therefore, if you have a large or complex architecture project, it’s time to start thinking about looking at 3D laser scanning in Birmingham. Call our leading team now for more information, and to claim a free quote without obligation.


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