How Much Do Measured Building Survey Services Cost?

How Much Do Measured Building Survey Services Cost?

For many people across Birmingham and beyond, measured survey services make a lot of difference. Instead of having to measure and plan out a project manually, you can simply rely on leading 3D laser scanning to handle the finer points for you. However, there are obviously going to be costs involved. With that in mind, how much are Birmingham 3D laser scanning services likely to cost?

Crucially, different projects and bespoke plans are going to demand different fees. That is because each and every project is different. Our aim as a company is to offer you custom pricing and services you that you always know where you stand. It is also a great way to ensure that you are receiving the best possible value for money. Otherwise, you may risk paying more through flat rates and costs elsewhere.

What to Expect From 3D Laser Scanning Service Prices

It is always a good idea to have a budget in place when you are planning for a measured building survey service in Birmingham or elsewhere. But how much should you be budgeting for?

It is not always so easy to say. Whether you need a 3D BIM model of your project area, or if you require as-built 2D AutoCAD drawings, prices will vary depending on the technology you use, and the expertise you require.

Therefore, it is always worth considering which factors and features are likely to add to or change the cost of your measured building surveying. Let’s take a closer look at what might change the price you ultimately pay.

  • Accuracy and Depth

Our aim is to offer the best value in Birmingham 3D laser scanning services. To do this, we make sure to work with the best FARO 3D laser scanning hardware  and leading software that our competitors are already putting to great use. However, the price of your project may vary depending on how accurate you need your scans to be, as well as how much work you actively need our team to undertake.

Don’t worry! Scope and accuracy are factors we will always be happy to plan for as much as possible with you before we start your project. Therefore, you are never going to be in the dark when it comes to what we expect you to pay. If anything, we want to be as open and as clear as possible in everything that we do when it comes to measured building surveys.

  • Location

The location of your 3D laser scan project and the areas you wish to scan may impact on the price you pay. This is because it will take our team a given amount of time to travel from client to client. Please note that pricing in this way is crucial – as we all have to pay for travel expenses!

Once again, this is something we will set up with you as part of your bespoke 3D laser scanning service. Our 3D laser scanning Birmingham practices are among the best in the region. That’s why so many businesses and professionals call us to head out to them at short notice. We are always happy to travel!

  • Exports, Deliverables and Specifics

Of course, the nature of your deliverables and exports will also impact how much you come to pay. For example, surveys and plans in black and white are likely to cost less than full colour. What’s more, if you need an as built 3D BIM model, this may also cost more than standard surveys and plans. Therefore, once again, make sure to discuss your needs with us.

We will always deliver a fantastic point cloud survey file to you as standard. However, we can also export to other formats and types, which will be another way that the cost of your project may change. You can use software from AutoDesk to manipulate point cloud files.

Don’t Panic!

There is never any need to worry about the price of a measured building survey in Birmingham. We offer upfront quotes and bespoke pricing for a reason. Before we go ahead and do any work, we will make sure that you are completely happy in all that we are doing. Otherwise, you could run the risk of paying for services you might not need!

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