Here are 5 reasons why you need a Measured Building Survey company

The complete guide of measured building surveys

Birmingham’s measured building surveys comprehensively capture accurate data from the internal and external areas of a building and site. The survey provides reliable data that can be used to represent a building on a digital platform. Our measured building surveys are crucial in your redevelopment, renovation, or planning, and more.

Birmingham measured survey services guarantee pinpoint accuracy of all features captured, such as windows, walls, beams, and many more. Begin your design work with our in-depth measured building surveys to avoid inaccuracies as well as delays in the course of construction. Our measured survey services are extensive, providing professional and trusted data to ensure your project starts and proceeds uninterrupted.

Why do you need a Measured Building Survey?

  1. You will need a measured building survey when redeveloping or extending your property. The comprehensive survey covers all the internal floor plans, internal and external elevations, and even the building’s cross sections. This provides the developers with a detailed property record, guaranteeing accurate measurements to kickstart a project.
  2. Measured building surveys are highly accurate. The surveyor carefully measures the dimensions of a property, producing accurate data for creating a scaled drawing. The drawing provides a reference point to guide in the expansion or remodeling of a project.
  3. Apart from providing plans for a construction project, a measured building survey may assist with the Lease and Land Registry drawings, showcasing the property boundaries to avoid disputes that may arise in the future.
  4. The deliverables from a measured building survey, such as point cloud, as-built 2D drawings, and 3D BIM models, are crucial in planning, redevelopment, and designing a building project.
  5. Suppose you are an architect, designer, project manager, or construction professional. In that case, you need our dependable deliverables, generated swiftly, to make informed decisions.

How is a Measured Building Survey Done?

Our surveyors and technicians will visit the site of interest, and, using 3D laser scanners, will scan the entire area and accurately capture all the required data. We use the scans to generate and register detailed point cloud data, imported into the CAD or Revit software to create as-built 2D drawings and/or 3D models, depending on the requirements and specifications.

Receive a detailed and accurate digital representation of a building and all its structural elements according to your preferred format, and with the level of detail required.

Why Choose Birmingham Measured Surveys?

Birmingham Measured Survey boasts of the most experienced professionals who are highly conversant with systemised processes to provide flexible and efficient services. We have the latest 3D laser scanning technology, with a precision of up to 1 million points per second. We can produce your desired deliverables as required. Depending on the size and complexity of your project, we can complete your surveys in between 2 – 3 hours depending on its requirement. Book your project today!

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Author: Sonia