Prices for 3D Laser Scanning & Measured Building Survey Services

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Pricing for Birmingham 3D Laser Scanning Services

Our prices are the most competitive in the market. However, we quote for individual projects, which means there are factors that will affect your tariff.

Black and white scanning will cost less than RGB or True Colour.  Therefore, it is worth considering which option suits your needs – and budget – the best.

Some of the finer points of your scanning project may affect pricing.  The size of your 3D laser scan in Birmingham, for example, can change the price you pay.

We are upfront, honest and flexible in terms of tariffs and pricing.  You also have no obligation to accept our offer if you want to consider your choices.

Why You Should Choose Birmingham 3D Laser Scanning

  • You need friendly, knowledgeable support in all aspects of 3D laser scanning and its deliverables.
  • You need competitive pricing and fast turnaround for all 3D laser scanning services.
  • You need unrivalled accuracy regardless of your surveys and exports.
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