Area and Land Survey

Area and Land Measurement Service

Our area and land measurement service will deliver the accurate size and scale of your building or plot of land using high-standard laser scanning and land surveying equipment. A detailed and technical area measurement report containing area and property measurements is delivered based on your needs and the use of the building. Here is how an area and land measurement service will help.

Benefits of using Birmingham Area and Land Surveys:

Accurate Data

Obtain accurate and reliable area and property measurements in the format of an independent and assignable report including GEA, GIA and NIA.

Professional Team

Our flexible service approach allows you to receive optimised property measurements. Receive reliable information from experts on the field.

Swift and Efficient Turnaround

We efficiently provide area measurement reports for land measurements in a swift manner through our systematised processes and vast knowledge.

Advanced Technology

We use the latest and advanced 3D laser scanning technology that ensures your required level of detail in area and land measurements is achieved.

Why use Birmingham Area and Land Surveys Services?

Our reports contain key information when leasing, marketing or valuating a property. A detailed area measurement report is required for cost and legal reasons, and will include the following details:

  • Scope of works
  • Imagery of property
  • Floor plans and site plans
  • An area breakdown
  • Description of business services

Why are we qualified?

Our surveying company is composed of professionals who hold the necessary skills, training and expertise to deliver area and land surveys. The survey is translated into a comprehensive and detailed area and land measurement report, documenting the properties areas and informing negotiations and planning considerations. Birmingham Measured Survey produces accurate results with the required level of detail.


Our area and land measurement survey is detailed and accurate. Receive your reliable deliverables in your required format by contacting the professionals at Birmingham Measured Survey.