Large Scale Scanning

Large Scale Scanning in Birmingham

Our portable handheld scanner will scan large interior spaces, capturing accurate information through affordable and flexible effective means. Our team of professional surveyors will complete your job efficiently and swiftly, with trusted data to produce your plans or 3D Models.

Why choose our Large-scale 3D Laser Scanning Service?

Realistic Results

Our high-standard portable 3D Laser scanner records every feature, detail and surface of your required space. Our experienced team ensure to capture flawless results when producing 2D Drawings and 3D Models.

Lightweight & Flexible

Our handheld scanner is lightweight, easy to use and quick to capture every information for a smooth process and delivery. This creates the perfect tool to capture realistic settings with a steady hand and high accuracy.

Easy process

Birmingham Measured survey makes it simple for you to use our services. Obtain a hassle-free service and process when completing the job, as efficiently and promptly as possible, given the specification and schedule.

Affordable Solutions

Our large-scale laser scanning service is the perfect solution and substitution for a full measured survey. Save time and money while still receiving excellent results in a speedy means, providing high-quality deliverables of your interior.

Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning surveys in Birmingham

Our portable handheld 3D Laser Scanner is straightforward, simple to use and captures accurate information swiftly to process data. Our equipment automatically registers multiple scans, with a smooth workflow of dragging and dropping to manipulate data. We will gather a complete inspection of the required space, providing a highly accurate and tactile solution when capturing your premises and area.

Our process

Our surveyors scan your property or site using our trustworthy portable handheld scanners, travelling through the room and capturing every element, angle and surface to produce accurate data for as-built 2D drawings and 3D Revit Models. This service is ideal for interior and exterior spaces, where features are located further apart and needing a fast, turnkey solution to record the space.


Simple Large-Scale Laser Scanning for any space no matter the size!

With our large-scale laser scanning option, we will deliver quality results which is prompt and efficient for faster solutions.