Underground Survey

Underground Survey Services

Receive an in-depth underground survey for your construction project in Birmingham and get a clear map of the utility infrastructure below the surface before commencing construction. Our underground services will identify all the subsurface utilities in detail and high accuracy.

Benefits of Using Birmingham Underground Survey Services:

Advanced Equipment

To analyse underground data, our surveyors use advanced equipment, such as dual frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Electro-magnetic Locators (EML).

Reduced Risks

Elaborate utility mapping of a construction site eliminates risks and enhances your confidence to execute and proceed with project construction.

High Accuracy

Using on-site software to view camera images in real-time to provide you with an accurate full digital imagery and detailed technical report of your construction site.

Reliable Deliverables

Receive detailed and reliable deliverables presented as technical report, 2D CAD drawings and 3D Models.

Why use Birmingham Underground Survey Services?

The exact position and depth of assets, structures and any potential hazards for a planned construction can be located using a reliable underground surveying service. Our survey team consists of skilled experts with years of experience in accurate underground surveys in accordance with the BSI standards. You are assured of accurate data and minimal risks in your project construction as our underground surveys are effective and detect all subsurface utilities.

Equipment for Capturing Accurate Data

Electro-magnetic Locators (EML) and Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) are majorly used to obtain and analyse underground data for planning and executing your project. We deliver a range of underground services, including drainage surveys and CCTV surveys with robotic cameras, concrete and rebar scanning, and full digital imagery. Receive underground survey services alongside GPS and CCTV drain survey services.


Contact us to have your underground surveys conducted in accordance with the BSI standards and in the most efficient manner possible.