The Ultimate Five Benefits of Drone Surveying

The Five Benefits of Drone Surveying

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or more popularly known as drones have enjoyed a long and colourful history. But it was only until a few years ago that drones were recognised as indispensable tools for a lot of industries including construction and engineering where they are now used in 3D laser scanning for surveying.

Drone surveying is a method where an UAV is used to capture data and images from an aerial perspective.

Aerial data capturing was already used many years ago where a 3D laser scanner is mounted on a helicopter or aeroplane to survey vast areas of land, roads or structures.

Aerial data capturing was already used many years ago where a 3D laser scanner is mounted on a helicopter or aeroplane to survey vast areas of land, roads or structures.

But that proved to be too expensive, so drones were then equipped with RGB cameras that can take photographs from different angles within just one sweep. Here are just some of the many benefits that you can enjoy with drone surveying from Birmingham Measured Survey:

• It’s cost and time efficient.

It’s no secret that surveying can be a valuable endeavour, especially if done traditionally where it requires a lot of time, effort and manpower to complete.

The expenses pile up even more when you’re surveying a massive land area where your team may need to spend weeks getting the measurements right. Additionally, there may be areas that are restricted or have limited access. But with drone surveying that’s offered by Birmingham Measured Survey, capturing data can be done up to five times faster than conventional methods.

By cutting down your manpower and equipment significantly, you can also reduce costs without sacrificing the results of your survey.

• It causes less disruptions and distractions.

It’s not easy going to a construction site with many equipment and not distract workers while you’re doing your survey.

In some instances, operations may need to be stopped just because a survey team is scanning the area to be able to create an as built 3D BIM model that’s a digital representation of a building or site and what will be done with it.

But when you use a drone, you won’t have to worry about any disruptions on a site’s operations because everything is done from above. You wouldn’t need to close down highways or hire more people to control foot traffic just because you’re doing a survey in the area.

• It allows for automated mapping.

Drone surveying is especially beneficial for urban planning because drones are capable of flying a calculated flight path with the help of coordinates or markers.

This will make it easier to take high-resolution images and measurements of a specific area where some structures are planned to be built.

Automated mapping will allow you to plan everything properly so there are less room for mistakes and you can maximise the space that you’re working with.

• It offers extremely detailed information.

Drone surveying offers a perspective that you won’t find with a traditional surveying process or laser scanning equipment.

Drone cameras are, in fact, designed to capture thousands of measurements in one flight and this extremely detailed data can be transmitted to the pilot or gathered upon landing where it’s converted into as built 2D AutoCAD drawings through a point cloud survey.

This data can also be rendered in different formats including DTM, contour lines, and orthomosaic.

• It allows for easier ground monitoring.

Drones are not only useful for taking accurate measurements of a land or surface area, but it’s also extremely useful in assessing the damages caused by natural disasters.
For instance, if a storm just hit an area and it’s almost impossible to go around by land or sea, a drone could do the job of taking images and videos of the area hit by that storm without having to put people at risk just to assess the situation.

Drone surveying is even useful for regular inspections because with the right equipment and technology, drones are capable of identifying different safety issues that needs addressing.

Drone surveying with the use of 3D laser scanning service is growing to be more useful in many industries around the world.

In fact, it’s already redefining different processes by offering an effective yet cost-efficient way to conduct surveys and assessments from above.

It has made things faster for many professionals and it has allowed for more advancements to be introduced to the market.


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