Measured Build Survey in 3D Laser Scanning: Explaining the Process

Measured Build Survey: Explaining the Process

Accurate measurements are crucial to any building project and that transcends from when the structure is built until after it’s completed since everything must be done according to the original plan to ensure that the building was built following quality and safety standards. This is when a measured build survey comes in. But what exactly is this process and how does it come about?

Defining a measured build survey

With the goal of verifying and recording data about a structure or building, a measured build survey is essentially a comprehensive survey of both the internal and external aspects of a building carried out by a surveyor. The data gathered from this survey is then translated into either a basic floor layout or a 3D model using the right software, which will help architects, engineers and builders compare floor plans with the actual layouts and a lot of other areas to make sure that the building follows proper safety and quality standards.

In the earlier days of construction, surveyors would use manual tools in carrying out measured surveys and record them using paper and pencil. But today, you can already hire a measured building survey company to get the job done for you using the latest technological advancements. Surveyors now use smart devices and laser distance meters in lieu of traditional measuring tapes to provide accurate measurements that can be translated to detailed reports about a building’s floor and roof plans, cross sections and elevations, depending on the requirements of the client.

The process of a measured building survey

A lot of builders, engineers and architects prefer to use a measured building survey service than doing the job themselves because they can guarantee that the results are accurate and as detailed as they would like them to be. Surveyors have all the essential tools needed to complete a comprehensive survey—from laser measuring tapes to cameras—and they also have the software needed to translate this data into detailed reports.

  • Pre-survey

Before a measured building survey is conducted, a surveyor starts by gathering information about the structure to be surveyed. This includes the building’s location, its layout, its environment and the obstacles within its surroundings. Surveyors use technological tools like GPS and Google Maps to get a glimpse of the site they are about to survey so they know what to expect and what necessary tools to bring.

  • Planning

A good measured building survey company would start the process with proper planning after all necessary information is gathered during the pre-survey stage. This will help the surveying team determine their strategy in tackling the building, especially if they need to survey a huge structure where they have to do it in sections. Although laser technology already makes surveying a lot faster, a good plan still needs to be in place to ensure a smooth survey.

  • Survey

With a plan in hand, surveyors begin to tackle the building starting on one corner and moving either clockwise or counterclockwise. Aspects such as floor thickness, ceiling heights and some diagonal measurements are taken for elevation, sections and other details that are required by the client. Each measurement is carefully taken to ensure accuracy and eliminate the potential for errors. Accuracy is very important in doing a measured building survey because even the smallest errors could cause disputes, delays and bigger problems that leave clients disappointed with the service.

The importance of hiring professionals

While some firms think that they can save money by doing the measured survey on their own, they realise that it actually takes up a lot of time, money and effort to come up with the accurate information that they need. But when you work with a professional measured building survey company, you don’t have to pool in the resources and tools yourself just to ensure that measurements are taken accurately. Measurement surveyors are experienced in this field so they know exactly what they’re doing and they can ensure quality in every project they tackle. They also have the tools and software to get the job done as accurately as possible.

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