Different Innovations on the Laser Scanning Market

Different Innovations on the Laser Scanning Market

3D laser scanning since its inception has become an increasingly viable tool across all industries worldwide. Due to the need for quality, accuracy, and speed, traditional processes have become redundant.
With the technology’s numerous benefits being the major market drivers, 3D laser scanning is here for the long haul or until it is relevant.

3D laser scanning is becoming more widely utilised, more powerful, and useful. It has revolutionised a vast array of industries and will continue to do so.
The same with other technologies, 3D laser scanning pursue new solutions to become better and cheaper with the passing of time.

Improvements, solutions, and innovations of 3D laser scanning applications continue. Despite the setback caused by the global pandemic, organisations focused on this market were able to come up with creative breakthroughs.

3D Laser Scanning Developments

Geo Week, held last February 6-8, 2022 in Denver, Colorado, USA, was a successful event with impressive attendees. Geo Week is a leading event that promotes the geospatial and the built environment. It is where professionals from different fields showcase their discoveries, innovations, and cutting-edge solutions.

During the event, members, supporters, and attendees were presented with the most unique innovative solutions in the geospatial and built world. Three standouts among the 16 competing products were announced, all worthy to be explored.

One of the most important 2022 innovations in creating an engineering plan has become “Airworks”. This patented machine learning algorithms can autonomously identify and categorise points in data set which generate a useful line for the AEC industry and surveying firms.

The long hours of engineering, computer, and special software works involved are now eliminated through this technology. CAD drawings are delivered in the least amount of time.

Through this technology and the support of quality control engineers, every drawing delivered to the clients meets the standards and exceeds their expectations.

Getting to Know Avatour

Meanwhile, Avatour which is one of the Geo Week winners this year, presented their highly innovative design, a platform for teams working across the planet who needs to work collaboratively or communicate with team members like they were sitting next to each other.

Avatour is a collaboration platform that allows its users to create real time virtual conferences and meetings with the full context of a real-world site.

Users of the platform can connect via the web browser or VR (Virtual Reality) headset. Either way, remote users will be able to conduct thorough and effective virtual inspections and tours, training, and more. During the online meeting, users can point out the important case of the online site.

What is the Global Mapper Pro?

Another interesting innovation on the laser scanning market presented during the Geo Week was from Blue Marble Geographics.

The Global Mapper Pro is the latest addition to their Global Mapper Programs, which has powerful point cloud processing tools (previously available in the now-dissolved Global Mapper Lidar Module) and expands the functionality to include terrain analysis plus automated tools.

Building script edition and python scripts integration were added for python developers to fully access the Global Mapper functions.

Learn All about the AlphaAir 450

Then there’s the AlphaAir 450 from CHC Navigation, an all-in-one sensor that is highly capable of achieving absolute accuracy for small survey areas; accuracy of 5m for vertical and 10m for horizontal.

The AlphaAir 450 scanner is widely used for power line inspections, agricultural and forestry surveys, emergency response, topographic mapping, etc.

Other than its capabilities and usage, this scanner is lightweight weighing 1kg, making it the right tool for easy and rapid deployment in the field.

Its weight is also a contributing factor for the operating length of the drone which empowers productivity.

Another press winner for 2022 is NavVis VLX, a mobile mapping system for laser scanning. The system is particularly designed for AEC and laser scanning professionals for high quality reality capture for complex constructions and building projects.

The scanner works 10 times faster than a terrestrial scanner without compromising quality and accuracy. Common challenges in construction sites like poor lighting conditions, outdoor environment difficulties, and complex indoor layouts are some of the issues NavVis VLX can tackle.

Upcoming Innovations of 3D Laser Scanning

Companies, researchers, and professionals in geospatial, AEC, and 3D technologies continue to navigate, check possibilities, and innovate forward. The current standards and tools will continue to evolve as technology progress.

Here are more promising innovations of 3D laser scanning 2022. Check it out for the complete list and learn how these developments can directly help enable your projects.

Now, if you are interested in finding more about the world of 3D laser scanning, surveying and BIM, you can check our resources through blogs and other services.

Author: Sonia
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